Private cheat Mutant for DayZ

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On Update
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Feature list
Zombies ESP
Magic bullets

A private cheat for the game Dayz. In this cheat on Dayz you will find good functionality and an cheap price for the cheat. The Dayz cheat includes all the functions you need to play comfortably, and it also has a magic bullet function that will allow you to kill players from a long distance.

  • Included spoofer: No

  • Anticheat: BATTLEYE

  • Stream Bypass: No

  • Supported game modes: Windowed, Fullscreen

  • Supported CPU: Intel & AMD

  • Supported OC: Windows 10, 11


  • Enable silent aimbot
  • Aim on players
  • Aim on zombies
  • Aimbot Bone/radius

Player ESP:

  • Dead
  • Weapon
  • Distance
  • Skeleton

Zombie ESP:

  • Dead
  • Distance
  • Skeleton