Cheat not working?

1.For the cheat to work, you need to download:

  • Package with Directx 12 components
  • Package with Microsoft Net Framework 4.7.1 components
  • Package with Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2019 components CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

2.Check video card drivers:

  • Package with auto installation of all drivers DriverPack
  • Package with official NVIDIA video drivers CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
  • Package with official AMD video drivers CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

3.Disable Windows Defenders and uninstall Antivirus:

Antivirus, Windows Defender, UAC, Firewall must be disabled, antivirus removed. Otherwise, the cheat will not start!

  • Auto-Disable Windows SmartScreen CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
  • Auto-Disable User Account Control (UAC) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
  • Auto-Disable Windows Defender CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
  • Disable secure boot in system bios CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO
  • Also, if you have anti-cheats installed, like FaceIt or ESEA, then you definitely need to remove them!
  • If you have Valorant installed on your computer, then remove Riot Guard (This item is for cheats on all games except Valorant)

Additional programs:

Nothing helped? Contact support: