Private cheat for Project Playtime

Project Playtime is a free-to-play multiplayer horror game. Six players must work together to assemble a giant toy without getting caught by the terrible monster that roams the factory grounds. The seventh player controls the monster and has only one goal - to find and kill the rest.

Why do you should use a private cheat for the game Project Playtime?

  • With it, you will have access to player highlights, monster boxes, toy cars, and puzzle-solving tokens that will help you become more efficient and manage the tasks in the game better.
  • The player highlighting function allows you to quickly locate and track the enemy, giving you a great advantage on the battlefield. Monster boxes and toy cars can help you get more rewards and resources, while a puzzle token provides an opportunity to gain additional experience and bonuses.
  • In addition, our cheat provides an additional layer of security for your account, which makes it even more attractive to use.