PUBG Mobile Cheats

The mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battleground game was released in 2018. The next year, it became the first mobile battle royale title to gross over $1 billion. When you launch this hit by PUBG Corporation, you will find yourself on a map that shrinks every few minutes. Actually, there are four maps and you might need to choose the best time to parachute to the ground. Initially, you will have no gear (except clothes). You will need to wander around ghost towns and search abandoned buildings. You should find weapons, equipment and other useful items. Your ultimate goal is to kill everyone else and always stay in safe areas.

Apart from looting, you can buy objects with in-game currency. You will receive a financial reward at the end of each round, based on your performance. To get more perks, you can purchase private cheats from this page. We offer the best prices and we can guarantee that our paid cheats will remain undetected forever.