Private cheat for SIX DAYS IN FALLUJAH

SIX DAYS IN FALLUJAH is a tactical first-person shooter video game developed by Highwire Games and published by Victura. The game takes place in the second Battle of Fallujah during the Iraq War over six days in November 2004.

Our private program for Six Days in Fallujah includes several powerful features:

  • Aimbot: With this feature, you can accurately target your enemies, increasing the likelihood of a successful shot. Your accuracy will increase dramatically, allowing you to eliminate threats on the battlefield faster.

  • Player Illumination: Our program allows you to see your enemies through walls and obstacles. This greatly increases your awareness of your enemies' position, helping you avoid clues and traps.

  • Anti-Rebound: With this feature you can control the recoil of your weapon, making your shots more accurate and deadly. This is especially useful when shooting at long distances.