Private cheat for WAR TUNDRA

The developers team initially wanted to call this multiplayer game World of Planes because it is a flying simulator. But it saw light under the name of WAR TUNDER in 2012. Be ready to combat on air, land and sea! You will need to control military vehicles that belong to diverse epochs and nations. You will be able to switch between Arcade, Simulator and Realistic modes. The latter is the most difficult, its target audience is advanced players. If you want to compete against AI, launch the Assault scenario in the Arcade mode. Otherwise, you would need to fight against other human users. Besides, you can create custom battles and invite friends to join them. Only users who have the password can enter custom maps.

WAR TUNDER enables you to recreate historical battles. To boost your talents as a commander, you might want to buy the best paid cheats. On this page, you can purchase private undetected cheats at a fair price.