Private cheat RADAR for Escape From Tarkov

Cheat status
Undetected / UD
Select subscription duration
7 Days
From 50 usd
14 Days
From 80 usd
1 Month
From 110 usd
From 50 usd
Feature list
Player ESP
Loot ESP
Loot filter
Corpses ESP
Grenades ESP


  • -[added] 3D ESP (Player and Item)
  • -[added] 2D Radar
  • -[added] Camera zoom, follow, panning
  • -[added] All maps
  • -[added] Player line of sight
  • -[added] Player height (difference to your current position)
  • -[added] Show team
  • -[added] Show pmc, scav, player-scav, Raider/Boss
  • -[added] See every dropped item
  • -[added] Item-Filter full customizable
  • -[added] Items disapear on pickup
  • -[added] Display loot from unopened crates/cache/inventories
  • -[added] Lootinfo on in hovering
  • -[added] Lootname scaling
  • -[added] Fully customizable menu and settings, loot color, outline, size, render FPS (...)
  • -[added] Item height, show the exactly floor
  • -[added] Show throwed grenades realtime
  • -[added] Kill-feed
  • -[added] Switch current floor view automatically
  • -[added] Shows dropped Items
  • -[added] Hit indicator
  • -[added] Show damage made
  • -[added] Anti-Leak protection
  • -[in progress] Show Enemy gear
  • -[in progress] Warning System (Enemy is aiming on you)
  • -[in progress] ESP overlay
  • -[in progress] Aimbot

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10 1909 build (64 Bit) on main pc
  • Any Windows 10 build on radar pc


  • 2 PC or 1 PC (1 PC require a VPS with 4gb ram / 2 cores windows server 2019/windows 10 server)