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Friends, we are glad to present you HWID Spoofer! The principle of operation is simple, if you are locked in a game for hardware, then by launching HWID Spoofer you can play again without problems!

  • Anticheat: EAC & BATTLEYE

  • Supported CPU: Intel & AMD

  • Supported OC: Windows 10, Windows 11

Supported games:

  • All games with BE / EAC
  • It is also worth noting that AHСI mode must be enabled in the BIOS, it is on almost all new computers, but to be more convincing, check if this mode is set exactly, if it is different, for example, an IDE, you will need to change it to AHСI, more often of all this is only possible with a complete reinstallation of Windows, but if you find a way without reinstalling how to do this, be sure to share it with us.
  • And also it is necessary to disable the TPM protection module, also in the BIOS (it can also be called Trusted Platform Module, TPM Device, Security Chip, fTPM and PTT), on some motherboards, this module is not present at all, then nothing needs to be done. You can find out if this module is on your motherboard or not on the manufacturer's website without any problems.

When using versions with Static marks, the data substitution will be made once and will constantly remain the same with each new injection, in order to reset this data, you should delete the file called "bauntihwid", which is located in the folder with the loader, after deleting, do not forget reboot the PC.

User manual:

It is desirable that the loader be located on any removable storage device (for example, a regular USB flash drive), and after all the manipulations that are indicated below, before starting the game, you must remove it from the computer!

  • To get started, download the THIS program (https://cloud.mail.ru/public/VxSe/2EcZsauLU), run, and change the data in the "Serial Number" field for each of your disk, after changing RESTART the computer;
  • Next, start the loader, select HWID Spoofer;
  • Select the version marked [pay] and press the LAUNCH button;
  • Wait for the loader to close;
  • That's all, you can start the game you would like to play!

* If you want to play with any cheat, then after point 4, start the cheat first, and then the game.

** To cancel HWID Spoofer functionality, simply restart your computer.