Private cheat NERO for PUBG Mobile

Cheat status
Undetected / UD
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1 Day
From 2.5 usd
1 Week
From 12 usd
1 Month
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Feature list
Aimbot, No Recoil, and No spread
Magic bullets and instant hit
Speedhack and Fast shoot
Carfly, Godmod and No gravity
Set up a view camera and OBS Bypass

Nerohole for Gameloop emulator is a new product on the market. The product is equipped with a user-friendly menu, the visual functions are very beautiful, the settings of each item are worked out in detail. The software is actively improving and getting better and better with each update. The coolest cheat can be hidden from recording / screenshots, the installation is also easy and the keys to this cheat can be used in mobile games from Nerohole.

  • Client Version: Only PC (Gameloop Emulator)

  • Anticheat: Game anticheat

  • Stream Bypass: Yes

  • Supported game modes: All

  • Supported CPU: Intel & AMD

  • Supported OC: Windows 10, 11


  • This cheat is equipped with an excellent input with different settings
  • Allows you to see enemies through walls
  • Selecting players with squares
  • Displaying additional information about enemy characters
  • Displaying the distance to the players, as well as to any other objects
  • Shows how much HP the enemy has
  • Draws lines from your character to the enemy.
  • Shows weapons lying on the ground


  • A feature that helps you aim at opponents when shooting
  • Selecting a body part to aimbot will help you aim
  • A key is selected, when pressed, the aimbot will work
  • Ignore knocked down enemies
  • Aim work radius.
  • Smoothing on aiming
  • Shows in advance where the aimbot will point if you start shooting from the current position


  • magic bullets
  • Anti recoil, vertical, horizontal
  • no gravity
  • No Spread
  • instant hit
  • Rate of fire
  • iPad view
  • Set up a view camera
  • Godmod
  • Speedhack
  • Carfly
  • OBS Bypass