Private cheat SOFTHUB for Squad

Cheat status
Undetected / UD
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1 Day (Only ESP)
From 2 usd
3 Days (Only ESP)
From 3.5 usd
1 Week (Only ESP)
From 9 usd
1 Month (Only ESP)
From 23 usd
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Feature list
No Recoil

We present to your attention a private cheat for the game Squad. In our squad cheat, you can afford to buy 2 versions to choose from. The first version includes all the features, and the second only the visual component, so you can know where your opponents are. This software was created by the well-known developers of private cheats SOFTHUB. Easy installation, automatic issuance of a key and instructions after purchase.

  • Included spoofer: No

  • Anticheat: EAC

  • Stream Bypass: Yes

  • Supported game modes: Windowed, Borderless

  • Supported CPU: Intel & AMD

  • Supported OC: Windows 10 (1809, 1903, 1909, 2004, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2), Windows 11 [Corporate Windows doesnt work]

You are presented below with 2 versions of the program, AIMBOT and MISC functions will not be available in the ESP version. Choose wisely.



  • turn on
  • head only
  • radius
  • smoothness
  • lead
  • Z-axis offset
  • draw radius
  • draw priority of aim


  • 2d boxes
  • health
  • gaze direction
  • names
  • lines
  • distance


  • no recoil [risk]
  • no wiggle [riskily]
  • speedhack [risk]
  • local information (kills, deaths)


  • turn on
  • show distance to players
  • radar angle