Private cheat FISHING BOT for World of Warcraft

Cheat status
On Update
Select subscription duration
Wow Classic
From 13 usd
Wow Shadowlands
From 15 usd
Classic + Shadowlands
From 20 usd
From 13 usd
Feature list
Use hearthstone
Delete trash item from inventory

What can I do with WoW Fish:

WoW Fish needs just few step on configuration: keybindings and Telegram data (not mandatory, though)

WoW Fish can:

  • fish on WoW Classic and WoW Retail
  • attach lure to bobber
  • fish for a specific period of time
  • delete unnecessary trash item from inventory (needs a small configuration)
  • open object from inventory (needs a small configuration)
  • integrate with Telegram allowing you to reply in-game says and whispers as well as requestin real time screenshots and manage bot remotely (needs a small configuration)
  • use hearthstone
  • logout and quit game
  • shutdown computer

You can leave the bot overnight and in the morning your bags will be GUARANTEED full of fish.